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piątek, 2 lutego 2018

In My Heart - round canvas for Lindy's Design Team

Hello, it's time for my first post for Lindy's!
I'm really excited and I hope that you will like my projects.

My favorite artworks are those, where I can keep my memories. They are close to my heart and it's the pleasure to create them. For this first time I made a round, mixed media canvas. I like to work on such a surface, where I can add a lot of sprays, and nothing wavers and doesn't soak trough.

You can see the entire creation process on my video (below). But as you can see in the pictures, the canvas is full of details, layers, splashes - this is the style that I love!

I hope that my project will inspire you to keep your memories in this form. Here's the video especially for you, good luck and enjoy!

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