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sobota, 31 marca 2018

One of a kind - vintage tag for Lindy's - with video tutorial

today I want to show you new project for the Lindy’s Blog. This time I have a tag, recently it’s my favorite art-form. This is small, but you can focus on every detail and contrary to appearances, there is a lot of space here.

For this project I used packaging from some embellishments, you do not need “special tags” for such artworks. Cut them out yourself or make using recycled packaging, just like me.

Below you'll find a video tutorial! :)


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pi膮tek, 23 marca 2018

Spring cards - March Prima Art Recipe


To m贸j nowy projekt na marcowe wyst臋py DT Finnabair na blogu Primy. W tym miesi膮cu wybra艂y艣my do naszych prac past臋 o fakturze papieru (Paper Texture Paste), farby Art Alchemy i pasty do tworzenia efektu rdzy. Wszystko oczywi艣cie w wiosennych klimatach!

Gdy my艣l臋 o wio艣nie, to moim pierwszym skojarzeniem jest Wielkanoc. Dlatego na to spotkanie na blogu Primy przygotowa艂am dla was wielkanocne kartki. Kartki robi臋 bardzo rzadko, a je艣li ju偶 mi si臋 zdarzy, zwykle s膮 one bardzo proste. I tutaj u偶y艂am bardzo prostego schematu i podstawowych element贸w. Si臋gn臋艂am po naturalne dodatki, takie jak drewno i mech, aby uzyska膰 ten wyj膮tkowy, wiosenny klimat.


This is my new project for March Finn Team Art Recipe on Prima blog. This month's focus is mixing Paper Texture Paste + Art Alchemy Paints + Rust Pastes, all with a Spring twist!

When I think spring, I immediately think of Easter. So for this Art Recipe I created for you some quick and easy to make Easter cards. I don't make cards very often but when I do, they are usually simple. I used a simple layout and very basic elements. I reached for natural embellishments such as pieces of wood and moss which helped me to create a lovely springtime vibe on my cards.

Jak widzicie, "papierowa" pasta mo偶e by膰 u偶yta na wiele sposob贸w. Ja lubi臋 u偶ywa膰 jej tak jak gesso - dzi臋ki swojej ziarnistej strukturze daje bardzo ciekawe efekty. Mo偶na r贸wnie偶 u偶ywa膰 jej z maskami, tak jak pasty modeluj膮cej, wz贸r nie b臋dzie ca艂kowicie g艂adki, ale ma sw贸j urok.

As you can see, Paper Texture Paste can be used in several ways. I like using it like gesso - thanks to its grainy surface it gives a very interesting effect. You should really try it out. You can also use it with a stencil, instead of a modeling paste - the pattern is not as smooth, it has a delicate texture.

Pasty do efektu rdzy doskonale imituj膮 nie tylko rdz臋, ale np. mech. Szczeg贸lnie ciemny oliwkowy kolor z zestawu Camouflage nadaje si臋 do tego idealnie, kolor jest perfekcyjny. W swoich kartkach u偶y艂am sztucznych ga艂膮zek i listk贸w, ale dzi臋ki tym pastom, nabra艂y bardziej naturalnego wygl膮du.

The Rust Effect Pastes is also a great way to imitate such natural effects like moss. And the dark olive tone from the Camouflage set has the perfect color for that! I used artificial leaves and twigs here, but thanks to these pastes they look more natural and realistic.

Prima products: Art Extravagance: Paper Paste 965259, Rust Paste Set 963576, Rust Paste Camouflage 965686; Art Alchemy paints: Metallique - Golden Moss 965112, Pure Sunshine 963187; Ingvild Bolme Victorian FR Resins 892104, Art Basics Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1" 963897, 6x6 stencil - Art Deco 569471

czwartek, 15 marca 2018

March Madness Mixed Media YouTube Hop!

Hello friends!
Today I have for you a very special project!

I was invited by Tiffany to take part in a great event - March Madness Mixed Media YouTube hop.
Please visit our Facebook Event page to read all rules, and there are giveaways too!
An amazing group of artist from all over the world have for you great tutorials, enjoy watching :)

I made for you this small, mixed media banner and this time please feel free to visit my YouTube channel and watch it there --> VIDEO

I am also inviting you to giveaway. You will find all the details on my Instagram.

sobota, 10 marca 2018

Let's get together - mixed media canvas

dzisiaj przygotowa艂am dla Was mediowy blejtram z przepi臋knych papier贸w "Hello Beautiful" Pi膮tek Trzynastego. Ta kolekcja sk艂ada si臋 nie tylko z cudnych arkuszy, ale ma r贸wnie偶 mn贸stwo dodatk贸w. Tutaj wykorzysta艂am ma艂e i du偶e banerki.

today I have for you a mixed media canvas from the beautiful papers "Hello Beautiful" Pi膮tek Trzynastego. This collection consists not only of wonderful pages, but also has a lot of add-ons. Here I used small and large banners.

Jak widzicie, skusi艂am si臋 r贸wnie偶 na wyci臋cie ca艂kiem sporej ilo艣ci element贸w. 艢wietnie wzbogacaj膮 kompozycj臋, s膮 idealne do tworzenie warstw.
T艂o mojego blejtramu przygotowa艂am za pomoc膮 akwareli Twinkling H2O's. Kilka chlapni臋膰 pasuj膮cych do papier贸w jest doskona艂ym uzupe艂nieniem projektu. 
Zrobi艂am r贸wnie偶 kilka malutkich foamiranowych kwiatuszk贸w, kt贸re pasuj膮 zawsze i wsz臋dzie :)

As you can see, I cut out quite a lot of elements. They enrich the composition and are perfect for creating layers.
I prepared the background with Twinkling H2O's watercolors. They made the perfect match with the papers. I have also made some tiny foamiran flowers that fit anywhere, anytime :)

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pi膮tek, 2 marca 2018

Cabinet of Curiosities - Finnabair Creative Team

sometimes someone asks me why I make this type of artworks - without any specific purpose and not useful for anything practical. Have you ever been asked that too? :)
Why? Well, I must admit that for me it's a strange question. Art doesn't have to be useful or practical! We create to express ourselves artistically, to get our hands dirty, to play with new paints and products, or to simply have fun.And that's why this project was created.

I made my own cabinet of curiosities with a selection of my favorite elements, symbols and little trinkets. For me, each of them is meaningful in some way. There is a feather here, a star, and a seahorse - a piece of the sea world that I love so much. I also had to add my favorite embellishments that add so much character to my artworks - all sizes of Art Stones, mysterious little bottles and simple white string.

In this piece I also included my favorite colors and textures.
I've recently rediscovered the beauty of Art Extravagance Graphite Paste and now you can find it in almost each of my projects. :) It doesn't really matter that it's black because once it's dry, you can easily give it any color you like and still enjoy the textural effect. I used it through the 'Bubbles' stencil.

I painted my main embellishments with the gold rust from Rust Effect Paste set. This is my favorite shade of yellow and it worked perfectly in this project. Doesn't it beautifully contrast with Art Alchemy Metallique Emerald Green?! 
I also added some Art Alchemy Waxes here and there. I used the Vintage Gold one which beautifully highlighted the details and gave this frame a more noble character. 

This project is filled with all kinds of my must-haves.
There are products that I always have at hand and without them my project somehow seem incomplete :) I definitely need to have Heavy White Gesso, Art Stones, gauze and white ink or paint for accents and splatters. They add this final little "something" so that I can feel the project is finished.

I made a video especially for you so if you'd like to create your own "Cabinet of curiosities", you can see my process and feel inspired.

With my project today I'd like to remind you that whatever you create and why, remember that first of all, you create for yourself. Experiment, don't be afraid of new things, listen to your own voice, don't think, just act! Don't think from the beginning about how your project will be judged. Just have fun and love what you create!

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