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środa, 23 stycznia 2019

Strangers - for Art Daily Cafe


This month themes on Art Daily Cafe blog are stories, secrets, memories.

I like these issuses very much, I like when my projects are not only a mix of beautiful materials and elements, but when they give us something to think about. 

In the Art Daily collection, we have a little book with vintage photos of strangers. Don't you sometimes wonder who they were? What story is behind the picture? How good would it be if they could speak to us? Or maybe we can try to guess their stories. 

Let's let your imagination run wild. let's try to tell this story with color, additions and words. There is a mystery behind each such photo, maybe you will try to discover it?

niedziela, 20 stycznia 2019

See the World - for Retro Kraft Shop

dzisiaj mam dla Was kolorowy i bogaty projekt. Są w nim moje ulubione odlewy z żywicy, metalowe dodatki, kwiaty. Chciałam Wam też pokazać, że nawet do takiej mocno mediowej pracy doskonale pasują pokolorowane odbitki stempli. Ja użyłam moich ostatnio ulubionych owadów Tima Holtza. Aby ułatwić sobie wycinanie, skorzystałam z wykrojników Sizzix, idealnie dopasowanych do stempli.

today I have for you a colorful and rich artwork. There are my favorite resin castings, metal accessories and flowers. I also wanted to show you that even for mixed-media project perfectly match colored stamps. I used my recently favorite insects from Tim Holtz. To make cutting easier, I used Sizzix dies, ideally suited to the stamps.

Kolorów mojej pracy dodały tusze alkoholowe i farby metaliczne Art Alchemy. Bardzo lubię to, że po wyschnięciu są permanentne i dzięki temu nic się nie rozmazuje, a kolor zostaje tam, gdzie powinien. Na koniec wszystko delikatnie pociągnęłam białym gesso, aby wszystkie elementy lepiej do siebie pasowały.

The colors of my work were added by alcohol inks and metallic Art Alchemy paints. I really like the fact that after drying they are permanent and thanks to that nothing smudges and the color stays where it should. At the end, I painted everything very gently with the white gesso, so that all the elements fit together better.

Użyłam / I used:

Stemple gumowe - Entomology - Tim Holtz - Stampers Anonymous - PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ Foremka Hollybrook Ironwork -  Prima Re-Design Decor Mould Foremka Tillden Flourish -  Prima Re-Design Decor MouldQuote Chips - Tim Holtz Idea-ology Mini plakietki - Tim Holtz Idea-ology - PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ Farba akrylowa - Art Alchemy MetalliqueMini Glossy Accents 18ml - PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ Skrzydła - Prima Vintage Mechanicals Handles & Turns - sześciokąty - Prima Junkyard FindingsPaper Paste - Finnabair - Prima - PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ

piątek, 11 stycznia 2019

Just create! - Finnabair Creative Team

Hello friends!

I made this project just for fun. When I cleaned up, I found a cardboard frame with cogs and decided to use it somehow. I wanted to calm down and turn off after Christmas madness, and spend a moment alone with myself in my studio. This is the best relaxation for me.

As you will see on the video, I have protected the cardboard base with Impasto paints, not with white gesso as usual. Acrylic paints are ideal if you don't want the background to be just white.

I also played with structures, using one of the rust effect paste. I really like this delicate, grainy effect. To make it more visible, I emphasized it with light paint and gesso. I also added some color to my project using sprays and alcohol inks. Each of them reacts differently, even on the same surface, and I like such unexpected results.

As for the embellishments, one of the main decorations is a large metal star. It was supposed to be part of a Christmas artwork, but unfortunately, it did not wait. However, I think that in such a project it worked perfectly well. I also used several metals from the extensive Mechanicals collection and one of my favorite recently - Art Daily lines. You will find there photos and sentences that you can always and everywhere adjust. I love it for that!

Please feel free to inspire with my video tutorial.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

czwartek, 10 stycznia 2019

Shoot for the moon - new Finn products!

Hello friends!

It's time to show you some new, amazing products from Finnabair! On the Prima blog, you will find a lot of inspiration with new products and this is one of mine - a tag with new waxes. The colors are just amazing, so strong and saturated, you have to try them!

sobota, 5 stycznia 2019

If I had wings...

na początek nowego roku przygotowałam dla Was inspirację z moimi ulubionymi produktami. Znajdziecie tutaj i tusze Distress Oxide, tusze alkoholowe, jak również najnowsze metalowe elementy z MitForm.

for the beginning of the new year, I made an inspiration with my favorite products. You will find Distress Oxide inks here, alcohol inks and the latest metal elements from MitForm.

W tym projekcie użyłam również cudownych stempli Tima Holtza - Entomology. Razem z wykrojnikami Sizzix to duet doskonały, szczególnie dla kogoś kto nie lubi wycinać takich drobiazgów samodzielnie. Owady pokolorowałam tuszami Distress Oxide, a skrzydełka pokryłam preparatem Glossy Accents. 

In this project, I also used the wonderful Tim Holtz stamps - Entomology. Together with the Sizzix dies, it is a perfect duo, especially for someone who does not like to cut out such things with scissors. I colored the insects with Distress Oxide inks, and the wings were covered with Glossy Accents.

Użyłam / I used: