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poniedziałek, 30 stycznia 2017

A Box full of Dreams

Today I want to show you another "off the page" project. 

This is a small cardboard box, and I called it "A Box full of Dreams". I placed a tiny glass bottles inside, with some important words. 

I painted the exterior walls with ColourArte Silks, and added a paper clay ornaments from the Prima molds. Obviously I couldn't miss Finnabair waxes, which gave a beautiful metallic effect.

And this amazing box made especially for me a polish chipboard manufacture - iKropka.

To moja kolejna propozycja warsztatowa.
Najbardziej aktualne terminy i miejsca znajdziecie na mojej stronie na Facebooku.

niedziela, 29 stycznia 2017

Follow your heart - mixed media wooden house

Hello friends!
This is my new project - a wooden mixed media house. It can be an extraordinary and unusual wedding or birthday gift. 

The main decoration is very rich and multi-layered background. I made it with a lot of metal elements and some pieces from Prima moulds. 

All colors are from ColourArte Primary Elements Artis Pigments
And the last step was a small touch of Finnabair new waxes. 

Jeśli mielibyście ochotę stworzyć razem ze mną podobną pracę, zapraszam na warsztaty.
Informacje o terminach i miejscach będą pojawiały się na bieżąco na mojej stronie na Facebooku.

środa, 18 stycznia 2017

Treasure - layout for 7 Dots Studio DT

it's another winter layout on my blog :) This time I made this on white background. I like to make my projects on white cardstock, it gives me a lot of possibilities.

I used Cotton Candy Dreams collection – a 6×6 pad and some tags. I realy like to play with the small pads – you can easily fit small papers with large ones and complete the project.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
7 Dots Studio – Cotton Candy Dreams – Chipboard

piątek, 13 stycznia 2017

Shine Brigth - mixed media canvas for ColourArte

this is my new canvas for ColourArte Video Creator Team.

I used Primary Elements Artist Pigments to make my project full of colors and some metal and glass elemets to make this structure. You can see everything on my video (below). 

To the final touch I used new amazing product from Finnabair - Art Alchemy Wax.

Video - enjoy!

wtorek, 10 stycznia 2017

Take a risk - canvas for Mixed Media & Art

today I have for you my first project for new challenge blog - Mixed Media & Art.

For our first challenge I made this mixed media canvas with my favorite colors.
And I want this quote to be my motto for this new year.

I've used many elements to create my work - paper straws, molds, metal ornaments, glass cabochons.
To have more interesting structrue I added some beads and art stones.

I really love to use straws. They always look good and are perfect for paint and other medias.

All colors in this project are made with ColourArte Primary Elements.
This pigments are so rich and strong, and are found in all possible colors. 

Thank you and feel free to join our challenge!


sobota, 7 stycznia 2017

Imagine Your Life - mixed media banner with video tutorial for Finnnabair Creative Team

Hello friends in the New Year!
As many of you, I too have my terms, dreams and goals to achieve. But this time I'm going to go after what I want, instead of waiting. I think this is the perfect plan. Keep fingers crossed! 

For a good start, I made this mixed media banner for Finnabair Creative Team.

This is a second part of my bigger project, the first banner you can see here - Create Yourself.

 That is going to be my motivator, a driving force to action. Maybe you will feel inspired to create your own one, too.

I used a lot of Mechanicals metal embellishments, some pieces from Prima moulds and crystals. Even though my banner is not large, I wanted to create a feeling of rich texture and deep space.

I believe a little bit of Glliter is always a good idea. :)
Once I arranged my composition, I covered it all with Heavy White Gesso to achieve a mysterious, foggy effect. It also beautifully highlighted all the details and "softened" the glitter effect.

As for the color effects, I used Mica Powders that are such an amazing and versatile product! You can make your own pastes, paints and mists simply mixing in these magical powders - just imagine the possibilities… Or you can also simply sprinkle the surface with this shiny product and spray it with water. That's what I did here and I got some really beautiful color transitions.

I made a video tutorial especially for you so you can follow my creative process. Enjoy!

Products used: