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sobota, 7 stycznia 2017

Imagine Your Life - mixed media banner with video tutorial for Finnnabair Creative Team

Hello friends in the New Year!
As many of you, I too have my terms, dreams and goals to achieve. But this time I'm going to go after what I want, instead of waiting. I think this is the perfect plan. Keep fingers crossed! 

For a good start, I made this mixed media banner for Finnabair Creative Team.

This is a second part of my bigger project, the first banner you can see here - Create Yourself.

 That is going to be my motivator, a driving force to action. Maybe you will feel inspired to create your own one, too.

I used a lot of Mechanicals metal embellishments, some pieces from Prima moulds and crystals. Even though my banner is not large, I wanted to create a feeling of rich texture and deep space.

I believe a little bit of Glliter is always a good idea. :)
Once I arranged my composition, I covered it all with Heavy White Gesso to achieve a mysterious, foggy effect. It also beautifully highlighted all the details and "softened" the glitter effect.

As for the color effects, I used Mica Powders that are such an amazing and versatile product! You can make your own pastes, paints and mists simply mixing in these magical powders - just imagine the possibilities… Or you can also simply sprinkle the surface with this shiny product and spray it with water. That's what I did here and I got some really beautiful color transitions.

I made a video tutorial especially for you so you can follow my creative process. Enjoy!

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3 komentarze:

  1. Piękny!
    A kciuki oczywiście zaciskam!

  2. Piękny, motywujący baner! Trochę mi pachnie morskimi klimatami ;) Powodzenia w kreatywnych działaniach w nowym roku :)

  3. śledziłam tutorial z zapartym tchem i wciąż mi mało - dziękuję za moc inspiracji i powodzenia !!!