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poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2018

The power of nature - for Finnabair CT


for today I made a project full of nature. In addition to beautiful paper butterflies, I used a lot of reindeer moss and curly moss. Despite the use of shiny paints, the whole project is rather delicate and subdued.

The main element of my artwork is a resin frame. I painted it with Black Gesso, and then gently with Art Alchemy Paints. Do it with almost dry brush, taking only a little amount of paint, only to highlight the details.

My project is very dimensional - there are many layers and I put moss and twigs between them. At the end, I added here and there a bit of White Gesso and Art Alchemy Sparks Paint to create harmony between all the elements. Maybe my project will inspire you to reach for natural elements, moss, twigs, dried flowers. Thanks to them, your projects become unique.

I invite you to watch my video, where you can see step by step how I did this project.


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