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piątek, 1 marca 2019

Life stories - vintage canvas for Finnabair CT

today I have a feminine vintage project for you, I made it for Finnabair Creative Team. I decided to use large amount of embellishments and flowers. I placed the composition on a round base, which I decorated with a Passiflora stencil. I made the pattern using 3d matte gel, and after drying, I painted everything with black gesso. Art Alchemy Sparks paints look great on such a surface and their colours bring out a beautiful, flourish shapes. To emphasize all these patterns I also used several colors of waxes.

I wanted to make the central part of the project highly exposed, so I hid a lot of tiny twigs behind it. Among them, I put paper flowers and those made of resin, from the new moulds that I covered with black gesso and highlighted with waxes.

Please feel free to inspire with video tutorial!

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