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poniedziałek, 3 czerwca 2019

Rusty Art - for Finnabair Creative Team

Hello friends!

This is my new artwork for Finnabair Creative Team. I have for you the project with a product that I have been discovering again - Rust Effect Pastes. As soon as they appeared on sale, I liked them very much. However, in the plethora of new products and artworks, I put them somewhere on the shelf and they rarely visited my desk. Now it’s come back and I can not live without them! My discovery is that they fits very well to metallic papers, that glisten too much for me. But when we use a little bit of pastes, papers become a perfect background for rusty projects. Here, I additionally used the embossing folder and aged the background with sandpaper.

All my composition is resin and metal elements covered with black gesso. Thanks to gesso, all media like pastes, paints, etc. stick better. I used also a papers, only to "soften" this industrial look. I think everything is perfectly balanced. After placing all the elements in their places, I reached for rust again. I applied it in several places and at the end I used the Opal Magic paints. They added shine to my artwork, the effect of light patina, beautiful contrast.

I made a video for you, where you can see step by step how the project was created. Remember the quote from my project - „Less perfection more authenticity”! This will help you focus on the fun and creation. Enjoy!

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

3 komentarze:

  1. Niesamowita praca. Cudnie mediujesz.

  2. Rewelacyjny projekt! Moc ciepłych pozdrowień ślę 💜

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