poniedziałek, 2 lutego 2015

Hot Air Balloon for ColourArte DT Call

Today I have a very special project - Hot Air Balloon, that I made for ColourArte design team call.

I made step by step instruction to this project.

Step 1
Cut all elements for balloon. 

Step 2
Add some texture. I used mesh tape

 …and glass microspheres with gel medium.

Step 3
I used Silks and Twinkling H2O's paints to add some colors.

My colors:
Twinkling H2O's - African Jade

After gluing all the elements and add some embellishments, my balloon is ready :)

Here you have details:

Thank You and wish me luck!

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  1. Świetny, brak mi słów ! trzymamy kcuki !

  2. wow, this is amazing.. thanks for using ColourArte product in this post

  3. Love love love I love it stunning !!!!!

  4. Love your project, it is awesome !

  5. Wow wow wow. . very cool. Great job

  6. Very cool. Don't think you need much luck with a project like that but good luck all the same!