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piątek, 11 sierpnia 2017

Sisterhood - mixed media canvas for Finnabair Creative Team

Hello friends!

It's time for my new post for Finnabair Creative Team! :)

I'll bet each of you have been in such a situation at least once - you are starting a new project and from the beginning something keeps going wrong… Your initial plans were completely different and nothing seems to be working. Well, I know this feeling, too :) 

The base of this project is a canvas that I started a few weeks ago. Nothing special, right? The colors went wrong and nothing made sense in general... I just threw it under the desk.

However, because I hate to waste materials and don't like giving up, I took this canvas out and decided to give it another chance.

It was definitely a better day and after choosing the photo, it all went swimmingly. These two sweet girls are my friend's daughters and I think they will like this canvas very much.

I started by painting everything with Heavy White Gesso - it's every mixed media artist's best friend and always comes to the rescue when you want to cover or hide any unwanted parts.

Here and there the original color was showing but this time it went with my new vision.

My next step was playing with the Mica Powders and pigments. I chose some colors and created a new background. You will be able to see how I did it in the video below.

This project is very rich. I used a lot of chipboards that I painted with watercolors to make them match the project.

And of course - I couldn't do without flowers that I love so much! Not only are they pretty, but also work just perfectly to fill in all the empty places and to create layers and dimension. I covered all my flowers here with the gesso to make them blend in more with this project.

The last step was to sprinkle them with Glass Glitter which created an amazing effect.

I also made my own embellishments with the beautiful metal Mechanicals Lotus flowers. In the middle of each flower I put the clear Art Pebbles, their bottom painted with Art Alchemy Sparks paints. They look unbelievable, you should really try this trick!

These paints are also perfect for splashing, leaving beautiful delicate and shiny dots.

And now, please enjoy my video and if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer in the comments below.

So remember - if you have any projects that you think went wrong for some reason, don't give up on them and don't throw them away!

Simply grab a paintbrush plus some white or black gesso and give them a new life. :)

Happy creating!

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  1. Cudne te Twoje prace!!! Tak siedzę i podziwiam... ;)

  2. Niesamowita praca ;)

  3. jest przepiękny! boski! choć nie jestem jakąś straszną fanką mediowych prac to Twoje zawsze mi się podobają, są wyważone. te media nie przytłaczają. chciałabym móc tak potrafić je wplatać w swoje prace! pozdrawiam!

  4. Warto było dać jeszcze jedną szansę tej bazie. Szczególnie dla tej struktury :)

  5. Ach jak piękne! Serdecznie i cieplutko pozdrawiam -Gosia💚

  6. Wow! Jestem zachwycona - jest co podziwiać, choć moje oczy nie wiedzą, na czym zatrzymać się dłużej... Cudny layout.

  7. wspaniała praca! piękne kolory!

  8. Brak mi słów... piękna praca. Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  9. perfekcyjna! Twoja dbałość o detale zwyczajnie mnie onieśmiela :) patrzę i wzdycham!

  10. Cudowny!! Szkoda, że wirtualnie nie można pomacać :)

  11. Nic szczególnego zamieniło się w coś fantastycznego! Piękna praca!

  12. Prześliczna praca, choć nie zawsze podobają mi się mediowe prace, to Twoja jest cudowna, można patrzeć i patrzeć :)

  13. Twoje prace mogę oglądać bez końca, są niezwykłe...

  14. Wow. This is beautiful!!! Also love that you encourage people not to give up. I also love to do that. Inspiration comes in many forms.