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sobota, 23 września 2017

Sisterly Love - mixed media butterfly - Finnabair CT

today I have for you a very joyful flowery project that I created to capture a special moment and a very important relationship in my life.

I used a photo that was taken at my sister's wedding last August. It was such a happy day for my family so I really wanted to capture this joy.
I still have a lot of photos from the ceremony, so be ready for more art!

As the base for this project I used a flat wooden butterfly.
I covered it with White Gesso and added the colors using new Art Alchemy Impasto Paints.
They are awesome for they come in strong, saturated colors and even after you add water, they remain vibrant. What I really love about these paints is that using them with water you can create beautifully delicate watercolor-like effects with a permanent finish when dry!

The main decoration for this project are Mechanicals elements, paper flowers and chipboards plus pieces of gauze and string to add even more interest and variety.
I covered the embellishments with gesso which made it easier to paint them the way I wanted. Gesso is ideal to prepare any kind of surface to accept all kinds of color media.

The final touches were made with Art Alchemy Aged Brass Wax.
I simply added it here and there, emphasizing not only the details of the fine elements, but also the whole butterfly.

Here's a video I made especially for you so you can follow the whole creative process.
Enjoy and feel inspired!

As you can see, capturing special moments in your life doesn't have to be limited to a traditional square scrapbooking layout...

Use your imagination and have fun translating your memories onto different shapes of bases.
A little bit of paint and some of your favorite pretty trinkets and voila, you end up with a unique piece of art!

Happy creating!

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  1. Gdzieś to cudo już widziałam ;)
    ...i bardzo, bardzo zapadło mi w pamięć :)

  2. Cudowny motyl. Zachwycający :D :D

  3. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

  4. Piękny motyl - bardzo ciekawa forma pracy :)

  5. Uwielbiam Twoje prace, motyl zachwyca, pozdrawiam

  6. I love butterflys, pink and your style!! <3

  7. Nie można się nie uśmiechnąć :) czysty optymizm :) Wy dziewczyny i te kolory :) Super!

  8. Kapitalny! Fajne kolory. Aż mnie kusi, żeby sisterce zrobić ;)