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piątek, 29 grudnia 2017

December Art Recipe - christmas gift bags

I forgot about one Christmas project! :)

I love to make Christmas decorations and gifts, but packaging is just as important to me. Such handmade bags will give even an ordinary gift a special character. It doesn't take much to create something like that. You don't need special products to create pretty snow or frost effects. You actually just need White Gesso, some shiny paints, and a thick glitter.

I used Art Alchemy Sparks paints - I splattered them to get a lot of shiny dots. To get the frosty effect, I recommend using Pearl Glass Glitter. It looks like tiny pieces of ice and it's easily to adhere - simply use ordinary glue or gel medium (Soft or 3D Gel). Gesso is also excellent for making splatters. Just add a little water, mix well, and splash like paint. Good luck!

Prima products: Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White 961374, Art Alchemy Sparks - Mermaid Sparkle 964085 and Magical Pond 964092, Art Ingredients Glass Glitter - Pearl 961633

5 komentarzy:

  1. Cudowne Kasiu ...rewelacja! Serdecznie i ciepło pozdrawiam,życząc wszystkiego cudownego w Nowym Roku!

  2. What beautiful bags, almost too gorgeous to give away!!! tfs Germaine

  3. Śliczne, życzę wszystkiego dobrego w Nowym Roku, pozdrawiam