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wtorek, 19 grudnia 2017

Lindy's Video Design Team 2018!

Hello friends,
today I have for you a great news! :)

In 2018 I will be working with these super talented artists on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Design Team. Lindy’s decided to have a huge team for next year and to have three different Design Teams - Ambassador, Video and Photo! I’ve been chosen to be on the Video Team! 

Now let me introduce you to the Lindy’s 2018 Designers…

Lindy's Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are our CHEER SQUAD you can take a class with any of our amazing Ambassadors, please contact them for details:

Video Design Team

Our Video Designers are our TEACHERS and will be giving you all mini-classes online, one project at a time:

Photo Design Team

Our Photo Designers are our INSPIRATION and they will be showing you how beautiful Lindy's look and inspiring you to create:

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