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sobota, 6 stycznia 2018

Limited edition - mixed media canvas - Finnabair CT

Hello friends,
Today I have for you a very simple project which was so much fun to work on! You'll find here a picture of my beloved dog - easy to guess that's why this project fell so close to my heart! :)

As you will see in video tutorial below, I built the whole diagonal composition on a canvas board and I created my background starting with a few chipboard shapes from 7 Dots Studio and Art Basics Modeling Paste. This is basically a textural paste that is used to add dimension to your projects, but it can also be used to glue various elements and works great as a base for custom made paints or pastes (simply mix with your favorite paint, pigment or ink).

To add even more interest, I also used another kind of paste that gives a beautiful rough effect - Stone Effect Paste. In this case I only chose the Pumice one and simply applied it with a paintbrush, not being too precise. When you apply the paste it doesn't look very interesting at first, only after the addition of colors all the textures are highlighted and look amazing.

This time I didn't use any papers or flowers, my embellishments are only Mechanicals and transparent Art Pebbles. First, I gently matted these elements with White Gesso so that they would better take the color medium in the next step. I simply sprinkled some pigments and misted them with a little bit of water creating beautiful color stains. I used Primary Elements Artist Pigments - they come in lovely saturated colors, so just a pinch is often enough to get a stunning effect. You can also mix them with water and use as sprays.

When everything was completely dry, I added delicate accents with Art Alchemy Waxes. All the raised 3D elements, in particular Art Pebbles, look so great after such treatment with the beautiful Waxes.

To make the canvas not so "clean" I added a little bit of the Rust Paste.
Check how brilliant it looks when you spray it with water - a very convincing rust effect you won't be able to resist!

And finally - I just can't do without some splashes of white ink. You can also use acrylic paint (e.g. Snow White Impasto) or watered down White Gesso.

Please feel free to watch my video and see my whole creative process step by step!

I encourage you to reach for family photos, to capture your memories in all kinds of artistic projects. Artworks like this have the most emotional meaning and are always one of a kind. And remember - your beloved pets are your family members too and also look great in such projects! 

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  1. Jak zwykle świetna medioa praca:) Bardzo podoba mi się taki styl, chętnie zgłosiłabym się do Ciebie na warsztaty:) pozdrawiam

  2. Wow. Chciałabym tak sprawnie mediować.

  3. Piękności! I praca i piesio :-)

  4. Piękna mediowa praca:) I piesio -sam urok:)

  5. Słodziutka praca:) Cudo! Serdecznie pozdrawiam -Gosia ♥

  6. Wzdycham do tego Twojego pięknego mediowania ;)

  7. Przepięknie oprawiłaś te cudowne psie oczyska 😍

  8. Jak zwykle bajeczna praca, zachwyca detalami :)

  9. świetna praca, wspaniałe szczegóły, a i główny bohater zachwycający :)

  10. świetna praca a fotka Bajta miodzio :)