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wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018

Cozy love - Finnabair Creative Team

it's time for my new project for Finnabair Creative Team.

I love to make projects for people who are close to my heart.
This time I made something especially for a friend of mine, using a beautiful picture from her pregnancy photo shoot.

At the beginning I was planning to make this piece in a completely different style - it was going to be bright and very colorful. However, while I was working on it, I saw some other photos, prepared for a different project and suddenly my vision changed completely.

You will be able to see it on the video - first, I used strong Impasto paint colors. But thanks to the fact that they are completely permanent after drying, I could soften them with the help of Heavy White Gesso. The whole project became hazy, with a touch of gentle melancholy and I like it much more this way.

The background for the adorable photo consists of many pretty elements - resin shapes, lace, a paper tag and some chipboard shapes. I know that most of them remain hidden but each has its own place and it makes the whole project complete. Even if only a piece of the element is visible, I feel that if it wasn't there, something would be missing.

Please, enjoy my video and I hope you'll feel inspired to create a special piece for somebody near to your heart! :)

Don't be afraid to completely change your mind, even when you're right in the middle of your creative process.  Continuing an idea that you don't like can be risky. You can easily end up with an artwork you really hate. Remember you can always start from the beginning, paint things over, take unwanted elements off - everything is allowed.

Just be open and flexible!


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