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sobota, 26 maja 2018

Trust Your Heart - mixed media canvas for Lindy's Gang - with video!

today I have for you my new, very personal, close to my heart project created on a black canvas.

Try working with dark background and you’ll see how amazing Lindy’s colors look on such a surface. Sometimes you can even discover completely new shades to colors you love!

This time I made the whole composition on a dark background but used bright flowers, papers, and shiny sprays to make the project luminous and joyful. I also used embossing powders in several places, which made this canvas even more sparkly.

Basic Process
  1. Use stencil and modeling paste on your canvas, stick some big chipboard elements onto the surface
  2. Cover everything with black gesso or black acrylic paint,
  3. Add your composition – papers, chipboards, photo, flowers, and embellishments,
  4. Choose colors and add to your project, try to add the color on the sides of your composition, not in the center, you can use water to achieve a watercolor effect and interesting stain patterns
  5. To finish, splash everything with white paint and it’s ready!

I have created a video to show you step-by-step how to make something like this for yourself.

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10 komentarzy:

  1. Świetna praca. Piękne kolory.

  2. Ilość warstw u Ciebie zawsze mi imponuje :) Piękne kolory jak zwykle, to co Ty umiesz robić z fioletem, to jest jakaś magia!

  3. Cudowne kolory i detale:))

  4. Cudne kolorki, magiczny klimat :)

  5. Kolorystyczna petarda! Jestem zachwycona!

  6. wow cudowne kolory i wszystko pięknie się komponuje

  7. Uwielbiam Twoje, takie odważne, mediowanie ;)