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piątek, 1 czerwca 2018

Secret Garden - Prima & Finnabair May's Art Recipe

It's June now, but I have for you one more May project.
This is mixed media canvas I made for Prima & Finnabair May's Art Recipe.

Our theme this month was "Secret Garden" and we used Art Alchemy Impasto Paints, Art Alchemy Waxes and Stencils.

For our Secret Garden theme I decided to make a canvas with a magical door playing the main role. Just imagine the mysterious garden that could be hiding behind it... I used a stencil with Modeling Paste to create the background and Art Alchemy Impasto paints for the colors. I really love it that these paints are completely permanent when they dry which allows me to later on safely add other media on top of them and not ruin the whole effect.

I created my garden making a composition of flowers, twigs, and resin shapes. I painted all these elements with Impasto paints, only this time I watered them down a little, which made them behave like watercolors to create more subtle color effects.

The main element of this project is the door. To give it this old character, make it look vintage and time-worn, I used Rust Effect Pastes and then emphasized certain elements with my favorite (and so versatile!) Art Alchemy Metallique Wax in White Gold. I love how the layers of these pastes helped me add more mystery to the look of the door. Welcome to my Secret Garden!

Prima Products: Art Alchemy Impasto Paints: Lemon Peel 964535, Jade 964627; Art Basics: Heavy White Gesso 961442, Modeling Paste 961411; Art Extravagance: Rust Paste - Camouflage 965686, Rust Paste Set 963576; Stencil - Lattice 564230, Art Ingredients: Micro Beads - Bronze 962586, Copper 962579, Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - White Gold 964016, Ingvild Bolme Black Street Signs - BLACK STREET SIGNS 892173

10 komentarzy:

  1. Łoboziuuuuu, jak ja kocham to uczucie niekończącego się zachwytu takimi wspaniałymi pracami jak Twoja. Zbliżam wtedy twarz do ekranu i - choć wyglądam jak wariatka - doglądam każdego najmniejszego szczególiku. Wow!

  2. Cudne faktury i kolory, jak zawsze zachwycasz Kasiu :)

  3. Cudownie to wszystko skomponowałaś. Wspaniała praca!

  4. o matusiu, ale cuda! a każdy detal potrzebne kilka minut oglądania :)

  5. Rewelka :) Uwielbiam tu zaglądać :)