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wtorek, 6 listopada 2018

Listen to your art - for Finnabair Creative Team

Hello friends!
With today's artwork, I'm back to things I haven't done for a while. I always loved to make layouts, but recently I have focused on other projects. 
As you'll see on the video (link below) I glued the basic paper to the wooden base. I don't like when my layout is wrinkled, and this is a perfect solution. Of course, I didn't forget about clear gesso, thanks to this the paper is more waterproof and paints don't soak in. 

I used here amazing products - Icing pastes and new colors from Impasto paints. Both of these work great with new stencils. These designs are awesome - so many small details, just beautiful. 
Impasto paints are very universal. I used them as usual paints, but also for stencils or painting resin elements.

All mechanicals are just great for a vintage project like this one. To give them more "old" look, I rubbed everything with white gesso. Use an almost dry brush to add just a little bit. 

Reach for forms you have not created for a long time, discover them again. I hope that my video will inspire you to do your own thing.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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