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wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2019

Hopes and Desires - Finnabair Art Recipe - April 2019

today I have a project for Finnabair Team new challenge!
Please join us and be the next guest designer.

Colours of March Art Recipe:
cobalt, emerald, silver

Art Basics - White Gesso
Art Basics - Soft Gloss Gel
Art Alchemy - Waxes
Art Ingredients - Glitter
Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylics

For this month Art Recip,e I've made this bright tag. It does not have many embellishments. The most important thing for me here is the background on which I glued several resin stars from the moulds. I painted the whole with white gesso and then I added color with liquid acrylic paints. During painting, I used a lot of water. I sprayed the paints to achieve the watercolor effect. 

When the paint dried, I used gesso again to accentuate all the edges and details. Finally, it's time for glitter. I glued it with a soft gel and left it to dry thoroughly. I wanted to hide the glitter a little bit using white gesso, so that its glow gently pierced through the white layer. Thanks to this, it better suits the entire project.

I hope you feel inspired and try to make something for our challenge!

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