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poniedziałek, 13 listopada 2017

Go Wild - mixed media project - Finnabair Creative Team

it's time for my new project for Finnabair Creative Team.

Today I have for you a new mixed-media project created on my favorite kind of base made out of wood. This time I used a heart-shaped piece. I was inspired by the image of this cute girl that is the focal point of my work. I got this photo from my friend and I think it perfectly fits the heart.

This time I wanted to use something a little bit unusual for the background and I had this idea to take... real feathers. I glued them with the Soft Matte Gel which is delicate enough not to ruin their fine structure. I had very soft small feathers and I used quite a lot of them, but I'm sure you will also get a very interesting effect when you use a big one or two.

I also added a few resin shapes to make my background a little bit richer. My next step was to cover the whole surface with White Gesso and then - a very exciting moment - to add chosen colors. I simply made some mists mixing pigments with water and I got beautifully rich, saturated colors.

When I was satisfied with the colors of my project, I reached for one of my favorite products - Antique Brilliance - Red Amber Wax. I added it here and there to highlight the details and get more color contrast.

I also made my own embellishments with clear Art Pebbles. You just paint the bottom and simple as that - you get beautiful, custom made decorations for all kinds of projects. Here I used Art Alchemy Sparks paint (Dragon's Eye), it gave me a wonderful glossy effect.

Here's a video I made to show you the whole creative process. I hope it inspires you to create your own little assemblage.

I think that the feathers I used in the background added a special little touch to the "Go Wild" theme of this mixed media creation of mine. I encourage you to look for unusual items that can help you create some amazing origina textures in your projects.

Keep your eyes open and happy creating!

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15 komentarzy:

  1. Wspaniała mixed mediowa praca, szkoda, że ja na bakier z mediami ...

  2. Cudna faktura Ci wyszła :) Podziwiam :)

  3. Zakochałam się w tej fakturze!

  4. Podziwiam takie mixmediowe prace. Cudo :)

  5. Uwielbiam te detale - cudnie ;)

  6. Pięknie! uwielbiam Twoje prace! podglądam i uczę się ;)

  7. Przepiękne serce. Fajnie było pooglądać jak tworzysz. Rewelacyjny pomysł z przyklejaniem piórek i malowaniem kabaszonów od dołu. Muszę wypróbować 😍😍😍

  8. Przepiękne mediowe serce...a kolory...ach!Kasiu zachwycasz pracami :)